Private Sessions

It’s time to develop an understanding for the whole of your self. When you and I look at (evaluate from a external perspective, or Objective Point of View (POV)) multiple aspects such as: metaphysical, psychological, spiritual, social, cultural influences (just to name a few), we can gain a greater understanding for who you are. When you see the aspects of who you are, you then have the power to decide if you want to accept your influences or change them. In other words, first you have to Call It Out (what you have, where you are, what your influences are) in order to Call It In (what you accept or want to create for yourself).

Ready to Explore More?

Learn the methods and experiential processes to Move Beyond Your Boundaries! Sessions are available in person, over the phone or online through Skype or Google Hangouts. Contact me to schedule your Introductory Session today!

Private Sessions Include:

Coaching to Identify Blocks
Metaphysical Interpretations
Physical Alignment Techniques
Spherical Self Test & Analysis
Daily Practice Plan of Activation
Energy Techniques to Maintain your Vibration
And Much More!

The Philosophy

Experiential learning activates the creative part of the self – the expressive, risk-taking, experimental self. Yes!

The Method

Utilizing Audible, Visual and Kinesthetic techniques to get you into the learning, the feeling and the doing your Big Life!

the process

It’s a discovery of who you are, what powers are yours, and what changes you will create in the world!

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