I love getting engaged!

And engaging others! And I love activating audiences by delivering tools and techniques to motivate and inspire your Next Big Thing! This is what I do in conferences and seminars – and it’s all based on the multiple learning styles and designed to help you to fully integrate all aspects of information. And there’s some fun thrown in there too…I am a performer after all! So invite me to entertain, activate and inspire your group today!

Whether it’s a college talk, circuit conference or a motivational lecture, my seminars are engaging, insightful and inspirational. A combination of storytelling, laughter, activity and experimentation, I have pieces prepared for transformational, collegiate, corporate or motivational conferences, retreats, festivals, tours and even in-house trainings.

My years of performing on stage and teaching thousands of people are what make my engagements, well, engaging. Not only will I give you awesome tools about living your daily life with the risk-taking energy and vitality that will make you a magnetically successful creator, but I will also give you the information in so many ways that you can easily understand, evaluate, and re-create your life in the way that you envision. I promise that you will see it, hear it and experience it – a fully integrated package!

themes include:

How to Live Your Own Rock Star Life
An Improvisational Life – Saying Yes to Intuition
Duality – Finding the Balance In Between Your Selves
Tapping into Your Purpose and Living a Full Life of Meaning
A Living Example – Demonstrating Who You Are Authentically and Inspiring Others
Living Life Upside Down – A Love Story about Capoeira & the Circus
Creatrix Movement – Reconnecting to Self and to Others
Energy & Vitality – Activating the Healthy You
Sex Positivity in a Sex Negativity Culture
And Many More!

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