Jade Osborne

The Activator – Hey That’s Me!

For over a decade I have been inspiring instructing, performing, mentoring and coaching people of all ages in the United States, Hong Kong, Brazil, Mexico, the Caribbean and the U.K.

My background is in education, sociology, cultural psychology, spirituality, movement, and visual & performing arts. I have been a performer, instructor, facilitator and mentor in all facets of my career, whether working one-on-one with clients/students or in large group workshops & seminars with hundreds of people.

My career began with spoken word and multimedia dance performances in the US. With a desire to explore non-traditional forms of movement, I studied Capoeira with masters in Brazil, and Aerial Acrobatics with Circus masters in the US. My training has since continued through experiential workshops with Pilobolus, Ailey, Interplay, Biodanza, Breathwork and AcroYoga instructors as well as with Shamanic, Brazilian and Native American healers.

It is through these various studies that I have developed a unique style of movement, learning methodology and theory that works to strengthen energetic connections, heighten an intuitive awareness and thus inspiring a clearer sense of individual purpose and community resonance. I am an energetic muse. My passion is to inspire others and the performing, visual and spiritual arts are my mediums.

Spiritual Art

You Mean Like Monks and Mandalas?

Spiritual Artistry is when we create our lives through a connectedness to our spiritual path. It is in the way you paint your life, the tools you choose to utilize and the expression of your true self.


We will engage the three learning styles (auditory, visual and tactile) while exploring a vast number of resources (biology, modern psychology, intuition practices, divination, social structures, cultural influences, and physical health and wellness). Utilizing all of these constructs will give us a clearer sense of the whole of your being, of which you can then make your next big step – getting you closer to your desire to be more magnificent, successful, energetic and making a real impact in the world around you. After all, we all want to leave our mark – let me give you some tools to clear the path to make yours!


Experiential learning activates the creative part of the self – the expressive, risk-taking, experimental self. Yes!


Utilizing Audible, Visual and Kinesthetic techniques to get you into the learning, the feeling and the doing your Big Life!


It’s a discovery of who you are, what powers are yours, and what changes you will create in the world!

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